Co-publishing is similar to traditional publishing. The publisher is ultimately responsible for putting the book out and raising the money for it. However, co-publishing is more team-oriented in that the publisher and the author have a say.  It’s about co-creating something that otherwise wouldn’t have been born. We’re a small indie press though, so in order to ensure a book is a success, both parties have to put in the hard work. To get that “guarantee” we ask for a small monetary contribution. Don’t worry, depending on how much you put in, that will be your share of the profit up to 40%. Even if your contribution is small, you’ll be guaranteed 15% of net sales of your book. Still interested?

Benefits of co-publishing:

  • Working as a team with the publisher to make joint decisions
  • Less risk than self-publishing
  • Greater profit sharing
  • Professional copy editing, design, and printing
  • Less effort on the author’s part than in assisted self-publishing
  • Help with advertising and marketing

If co-publishing is something you’d like to pursue, please look at our submission guidelines and then contact us at submissions@inspiripress dot com.